Jason Mraz – If It Kills Me tab

This is an easy way to play if it kills me, I've never written tab before so be patient, 
I know this isn't how Mraz plays it but it is the easiest way enjoy,

feel free to leave comments

e---2-------2-----2-----3 the 222--| thing is laying first finger across strings at 2nd fretb---3-------2-----2/3--------------|G---2------2-----2-----------------|D------------------4---------------|A----------4-------------2---------|E-------------------------3--------|
the run that leads out of the chorus is
A---0/ 1 so open A then fret A string 1st fretE---3
then the whole thing repeats the 2/3 thing= still laying finger across the three strings at 2nd fret but also with finger fretting b string 3rd fret
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