Jason Mraz – Dead End tab

Jason Mraz - Dead End
From track 1 of Selections for Friends "Welcome To Schubas The EMinor EP in FSharp"

Mraz uses four basic jazz chords for most of the song:
F#m7  2x42x0
E/F#  x9799x
D7    x5x45x during verse  or  x5453x during breakdown
C#7   x4342x

I didn't take time to mark out where they all land during the verse, but they're played 
that order throughout.

There is also:
F#maj 244322
Emaj  x7999x

Intro/verse chords:e------0---------0----------------------------------------------|b------x----9----x-----9-------5---5-----2----------------------|G------2----9----2-----9-------4---4-----4----------------------|D------4----7----4-----7-------x---x-----3----------------------|A------x--9-9----x---9-9---5-5---5---4-4-4--0h2h4p2p0-----------|E--2-2-2-------2-2------------------------------------4---------|
Verse 1: say easily with me well i show affection but it's creeping up creeping up on me in another direction i love a ride and i know someday I’m gonna buy it so i try to ask no questions but the weary one is often me well do you think it's obsession Breakdown: D7 C7 D7 the smoke will find you a choker that matches your coat C7 not fit to be tied D7 C7 the mirror it makes it all clearer D7 C7 as you stand alone and can see your behind (scat) Verse 2: well they tried it and they like to say nobody would believe this yes you tried it and you liked it but nobody could ever conceive of it the way you stayed up locked away up keeping the flame for yourself the way you played it out pushing the blame of reaping the fame for yourself Bridge: F#m7 E/F# oh, it's a it's a dead end it’s ts ts ts ts ts dead end day D7 C7 it's a dead, a lonely day F#m7 E/F# said it’s it's a dead end and it’s ts ts ts ts ts dead end thing D7 C7 it's a dead end, a lonely day D7 C7 F#maj and it's a long way a long way down sing it again D7 C7 and it's a long, long way Bm7 it’s a long way down Emaj Long it’s a long way-ee-ay Verse 3 (Here just palm mute the base notes of the verse chords): change is coming baby don't be startled lady every once in awhile they do it again you're gonna shake it, shake it you know you wanna take it back to where you once belonged back beneath the sheets and between the pillow cases and the snake he races out and then he tangles into your hair oh, funny the fruits you choose oh the time it takes the words you lose and it all goes back to rotation over the back of your hand said the back of your hand said the back of your hand well the map is your hand it's the back of your hand s-s-said the back of your hand you know the map is your hand oh you better take pictures and remember what you can D7 C7 cause it's a long, long way D7 and it's a long, long way-ee D7 C7 and it's a long, long, D7 C7 F#maj mm it’s a long, lo-ong way down D7 C7 Bm7 cause it's a long way, long way down Emaj F#m7 oooh it’s a long ooo-oo-ooh h = hammer p = pull
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