Jason Mraz – Live High Acoustic tab

     Live High (acoustic version) - Jason Mraz
Tabbed by: JGervais

Based off of the Live High {Walk in France} version. Listen for the rhythm and 
changes. Lots of hammer-on/pull-offs and string slaps/taps.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

INTRO: Tap Tap Tape|-----------x------------------------x-------------2222-x-22---2-/--55555-|B|-------2---x---2h3--3p2-2-------5---x-------5---4/3333-x-33---3-/--66666-|G|-------2---x---2----2-----2-----4---x-------4---3/2222-x-22---2-/--55555-|D|-----2-----x------------------6-----x-----6-------4444-x-44---4-/--77777-|A|---0-------x----------------4-------x---4-------3/2222-x-22-2-2-/--55555-|E|-----------x------------------------x-------------xxxx-x-xx---x-/--xxxxx-|
Tap Tap Tape|---xx-x------------44-x-444---3/2222-x-22---2-/--55555-------------------|B|---22-x--2-3-3/5---55-x-555---4/3333-x-33---3-/--66666-------------------|G|---22-x--2-2-------44-x-444---3/2222-x-22---2-/--55555-(play this chord)-|D|---22-x------------66-x-666---5/4444-x-44---4-/--77777-(for a while)-----|A|---00-x------------44-x-444---3/2222-x-22-2-2-/--55555-(before verse)----|E|---xx-x------------xx-x-xxx---x/xxxx-x-xx---x-/--xxxxx-------------------|
VERSE: Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tape|---------x---------x---------x---------x---------x---------x---55555-------|orB|-------2-x-------2-x-------5-x-------5-x-------7-x-------7-x---66666-------|fingerG|-------2-x-------2-x-------4-x-------4-x-------7-x-------7-x---55555-------|pickD|-----2---x-----2---x-----6---x-----6---x-----7---x-----7---x---77777-------|thisA|---0-----x---0-----x---4-----x---4-----x---5-----x---5-----x---55555-------|chordE|---------x---------x---------x---------x---------x---------x---xxxxx-------|
BRIDGE: (listen to strum pattern)e|---5----5----4----2----2----5-----------------------------------|B|---7----6----5----2----3----6-----------------------------------|G|---6----5----4----2----2----5-----------------------------------|D|---7----7----6----4----4----7-----------------------------------|A|---5----5----4----4----2----5-----------------------------------|E|---x----x----x----2----x----x-----------------------------------|
VERSE: I try to picture a girl Through a looking glass See her as a carbon atom See her eyes and stare back at them See that girl As her own new world Though a home is on the surface, yah she is still a universe VERSE: Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds Are we all here standing naked Taking guesses at the actual date and time Oh my, justifying reasons why Well Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by CHORUS: Live high Live mighty Live righteously Takin it easy Live high, live mighty Live righteously VERSE: Try to picture the man To always have an open hand See him as a giving tree See him as matter Matter fact he's not a beast No not the devil either Always a good deed doer And it's laughter that we're making after all VERSE: The call of the wild is still an ordination why And the order of the primates All our politics are too late Oh my, the congregation in my mind Is this assembly singing gratitude Practicing their loving for you CHORUSE: Live high Live mighty Live righteously Takin it easy Live high, live mighty Live righteously BRIDGE: Just take it easy And celebrate the malleable reality Nothing is ever as it seems This life is but a dream PLAY 2nd PART OF INTRO HERE: Love Love, love, love Love Oh, Oh CHORUS: Just takin it easy Oh live high, live mighty Live righteously Oh, Takin it easy Live high, live mighty Live righteously Takin it easy Live High..... "Did ya get tha birdza?" Watch the video for timing and chord changes. This song is played on the Taylor so the nylon strings will sound better than steel for this song. Take that into consideration playing. Have fun, enjoy!
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