Jason Mraz – Details In The Fabric tab ver. 3

I am pretty positive this is as accurate as it gets

Tuning: Standard
Capo on 6th fret

Play each chord like this (finger picking preferred)

                Fm 7 chord                               Em 7 chord

E|--------------0----------------------- --------------0-----------------------|B|--------1--------1--------x--1-------- --------3--------3--------x--3--------|G|--------2--------------2--x--------2-- --------0--------------0--x--------0--|D|-----3--3-----------------x----------- -----0--0-----------------x-----------|A|--0--------0--------0-----------0----- --2--------2--------2-----------2-----|E|-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------|
C chord Am 7 chord
E|--------------3----------------------- --------------3-----------------------|B|--------1--------1--------x--1-------- --------1--------1--------x--1--------|G|--------0--------------0--x--------0-- --------0--------------0--x--------0--|D|-----2--2-----------------x----------- -----2--2-----------------x-----------|A|--3--------3--------3-----------3----- --0--------0--------0-----------0-----|E|-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------|
G chord F chord
E|--------------3----------------------- --------------1-----------------------|B|--------3--------3--------x--3-------- --------1--------1--------x--1--------|G|--------0--------------0--x--------0-- --------2--------------2--x--------2--|D|--------0-----------------x----------- --------3-----------------x-----------|A|-----2-(2)---------------------------- -----3-(3)----------------------------|E|--3--------3--------3-----------3----- --1--------1--------1-----------1-----|
========== Intro: Fm 7 x2 then Em 7 x2 Repeat that 5 times (Don't forget the 3rd time it stop for a moment on the first note of Em7) ========== Verse 1 Fm7 Em7 Calm down , deep breaths Fm7 Em7 And get yourself dressed instead Fm7 Em7 Of running around and pulling all your threads saying, breaking yourself up Fm7 If it's a broken part, replace it But, if it's a broken heart then brace it Em7 If it's a broken heart then face it (Just play the first note here) =========== Chorus C And hold your own (This C here is played with the high E string as an open note instead of at 3 in the first chorus) Em7 Know your name Am7 And go your own way C Hold your own Em7 Know your name Am7 And go your own way G F G
And everything will be fine(End the last G like this)E|-----------------|B|--------------3--|G|-----------0-----|D|--------0--------|A|-----2-----------|E|--3--------------|
======== Break Fm7 x2 then Em7 x2 Play this two times ======== Verse 2 (exact same pattern as Verse 1) ======== Chorus 2 The same as chorus 1 except you repeat F and G one more time in the end and the last G ends with only the first note played ======== Verse 3 Play the same pattern from the chorus, not the verse. Also repeat F and G three times now. ======== Chorus 3 Same as verse 3 ======== Ending: Keep repeating Fm7 x2 then Em7 x2 until the song ends That's it! Enjoy! If you think there's something to be fixed, leave a comment.
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