Jason Mraz – Frank Dfixer chords

it should look something like this. hope that helps
in square brackets I placed chords you can use if original ones too difficult to you

G6 [G](000023) - from 1st string to 6th
Em* [Em](000420)
C (310230)C#m7b5 (x5454x)
Cmaj7 [C](x5453x) or (354533)Gmaj9 [D](53045x) - just like C chord, just move it 2 frets higher.
F#11b9 (000423) - add D string to G6 A7 (020200) G (330023)
Esus2 (000420)B5 (000422) - those 2 chords are similar to F#11b9
pay attention to his specific way to play it with his right hand. intro G6
G6 Em* Frank D. Fixer was a handyman
C G6 He could handle everything; he was my granddad
G6 Em* He grew his own food and fixed his own car
C G6 I watched it all happen in our backyard
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 G6 He'd reinvent the part to fix the broken home
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 He restored the heart
C Gmaj9 G I wish I was a fixer
C Gmaj9 F#11b9 I would fix you up inside
C Gmaj9 F#11b9 A7 I would build you a town if the world fell down
C Gmaj9 G I wish I was that guy
G6 Em* If Frank D. Fixer were alive today
C G6 Well he may laugh at me and he may have a lot to say
G6 Em* Well he might ask that I keep working for the family
C G6 To keep the bills all paid and be his protégé
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 G6 What happened to the ground right where we are?
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 What happened to the family farm?
CHORUS Esus2 B5 F#11b9 C - 2 times
Esus2 B5 F#11b9 C Every evening breaking bread
Esus2 B5 F#11b9 C He showed us who a real man is
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 No matter what my grandma says
C#m7b5 Cmaj7 He would never lose his head
C Gmaj9 G I wish I was a farmer
C Gmaj9 F#11b9 I would grow you a Garden of Eden
C Gmaj9 F#11b9 A7 I would bless the family with the gifts that granddad handed me
C Gmaj9 F#11b9 How wonderful that would be
C Gmaj9 G Baby I'll make that guy be me
VERY-VERY simple solo at the end1st -3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-2nd -2-3-3-3-2-3-3-3-0-1-2-3- and play with it; look like Jason does it3rd-6th strings aren't used in solo
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