Jason Mraz - Older Lover Undercover tab

Older Lover Under Cover
Drop D Tuning (DADGBE)
Capo on the 3rd Fret

/ indicates slide up, \ indicates slide down.

Part (1)e--------------------|B--------------------|G--7---6---5---4-4---|D--5---x---5---5-5---|A--5---7---3---2/3---|D--5---5---5---5-5---|
Part (2)e---------------|B--0h1-0h1------|G--0---0--------|D--0h2-0h2-(4)--|A--3---3----5---|D-----------5---|
Part (3)e------------------|B--------------3---|G--5---4---5-------|D--5---5---5---4---|A--x---x---7---5---|D--3---2---7-------|
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