Jason Reeves – Helium Hearts chords

Helium Hearts
by Jason Reeves


All C's in the song with be Cadd9. This is a good song to play around with 
sus chords. Jason hammer's on to and pull's off of the sus's through out the
whole song, so you can do the same. There is no set way of playing these 
songs as I've said before.

G:              320033
Cadd9:          x32033
Dsus2:          xx0230
Em7:            022030

Other chords that you can use:
Gsus:           320013
C:              x32010
Cm9:            x02030

Intro:  G   Cadd9 X2 

Verse 1:
G over the lights of sunset and vine
Cwe're floating away from the fortune and fame
Gand your lips are mine, they're raspberry wine
C Dsus2your body's a map i will follow into the sky
Em7 Dsus2cause what you got is all that i want (it's all that i want)
Em7 Cand still that's not enough, it's not enough
G Ccause we're on fire walking love's highest burning wire
Em7helium hearts we're falling skyward
C we're never coming down (ooo oo)
G Cwe're so high the city below gets small and quiet
Em7every breath just makes us lighter
C we're never coming down.
Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1) the further we go we're losing our clothes one shoe at a time thrown over the side like our fears and doubts we cast them out till nothing is left and we're standing together now cause what we got is all that we want (it's all that we want) and that's always enough, enough for us Chorus
Interlude: Em7 Dsus2 X2 ey ey i-I can't sa-ay no-o-o
Chorus (lil improve section after the chorus repeating "we're never coming down") by Joshua Zech (e-mail me on pret.boi@hotmail.com)
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