Jason Reeves – Wishing Weed chords

Wishing Weed 
by Jason Reeves


Chords:   They look scary, but they’re actually VERY simple. 

C:	  x32010
CM9/E:    020010
Am7:      x02010
Fmaj7/C:    x33210  or   133210   or  normal F: 133211
G:        320033

Jason plays each single note in a melody of the chord. It's useless typing the 
tabs for that, because he plays it differently every time, and I think he would 
want us to play it differently too. So you can use these chords and play arpeggios 
along with them. Also, play around with these to strings (xxxx3x ; xxxxx3) adds 
something nice while play the chords.

Intro:  C    CM9/E     Am7     Fmaj7/C    X2

Verse 1:

C CM9/Ei picked a wishing weed beneath your mother's tree
Am7 Fmaj7/Cand i asked it to bring you back to me
C CM9/Ethen a dragonfly took it to the sky
Am7 Fmaj7/Cand it rode on the wind until it caught your eye
C CM9/E Am7 Fmaj7/Cand i'm never gonna get over -- you
C CM9/E Am7 Fmaj7/Cnot cause i can't, cause i don't --- want to
C CM9/E Am7 Fmaj7/Ci'm gonna get you back if it's the only thing i do
F G Ci'm never gonna get over you..
Verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1) i took the secret path to where i saw you last and a sparrow dropped a letter to me as it passed there was a simple sketch of a heart in red and it broke me when i opened it cause all it said was: Chorus: (same chords) "i'm never gonna get over you not cause i can't, cause i don't want to you know it's true that i'm gonna get you back if it's the only thing i do i'm never gonna get over you.." Bridge:
Fmaj7/Cof all the lovers found and lost
Gand never seen again
Fmaj7/Cyou're the only one that runs
G (Gsus hammer on normal G)repeating through my head...
Chorus Tabbed by joshua zech (email me if you think a major change is needed)
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