Jason Robert Brown – If I Told You Now tab

If I Told You Now- Jason Robert Brown
Tabbed by Robin Young

     A7/D       D
If I told you now
       Adim              Bm
That I didn’t have the answers
Bm/A      Gsus2             D/F
   That I didn’t know the reasons
       B7(b9)            Em
That I didn’t hold the key

Em/D   A7/C A7      D/F
  If I told   you now
       Adim/C    Adim      Bm    Bm/A
That I couldn’t say  for certain
       G2                  D/F
That I wouldn’t break my promise
          E7      A7      Dsus  D  Dsus  D
Could you bear to look at me?

     Dsus A7/D       D
If I told     you now
        Adim/C     Adim7      Bm
That in spite  of my    persistence
       G2            D/F
And my confident demeanor
     B7(b9)                Em Em7/D
I am more  and more in doubt

     A7/C A7      D/F
If I told   you now
D         Adim               Bm
Would you smile with understanding
          G2                 D/F
Would you burn with disappointment
             E7       A7      Dsus  D
Or would you turn and turn me out?

     Bm          B  A
If I told you now
     G2                      D/F
I suspect you still might say
               G11         D2/F
We’ve gone too far to change
   Em7              D2/F
Or push away the tide

          E7          D/E
Would you close us down
         Edim7                 E7
Or would I    get extra points
Because I tried?
If I tried

     A/C A7      D/F D
If I told  you now
        Adim            Bm
And I’m not about to tell you
       G2                 D/F
But in case I chose to mention
         D/E          Em9   Em6/F
Things I know you won’t allow

F7         G    Em7/G D/A
  Would it hurt less  later
     E7 A7sus    Dsus  D  Dsus  D
If I told    you now?

Adim/D – D – Adim/D – D

Adim/C   Bm          Bm/A
If      I told you now
           G2              Dsus2/F
That we’re never really safe
             G11        D2/F
From all the fires we set
   Em7               D2/F
Or debts we had to pay

Bb7/F     E7        D/E
Would you hold me now
      Edim7                  E7
So at least for this, for here
I know you’d stay
If you’d stay

     A7/C       D2
If I told you now
         Adim/C               Bm
It would be    for your protection
           Gsus2               D/F
‘Cause I’m sure I’ll disappoint you
         D/E     Em9      Em6/F  F7
Though I can’t imagine how

        G    Gdim D/A
Does it make me   better
     G7/A F7/A       B  B7
If I told     you now?
          Em7  E7/G D/A
Would you make me   better
     E7 A7    Dsus  Dsus2  D
If I told you now?
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