Jason Robert Brown – I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You chords

DMy first crush on an Irish girl,
I was ten years old And her name was Elaine. Little red-head girl; Well, she looked like you, But if you were ten.
Bm7Which you’re clearly not.
G2Not that you look old,
Em11 But you get my... I’ll just stop now.
DOkay, wait, ‘cause I had a point -
No, I swear I did! Well, I think I did,
Bm7Which is all my life
Bm7/A(Or since I was ten)
Bm7/G I have had a yen
Bm7/F# Em11For an Irish lass.
C2Because God knows why,
G2/ALike the ancient curse
DOf the shiksa queens.
Do I talk too much?
Bm7Which is not to say
Bm7/AThat I’d want Elaine,
Bm7/GWho turned out to be
Bm7/F#(When I last checked in)
Bm7/E A Republican
DAnd a parapsychologist.
F Bb/F Cm/FIf you’ve got a four-leaf clover,
FYou can make my dreams come true.
I will be your Hebrew slave:
Db2 Eb2 FJust do the things that Irish girls do.
Talk about potato famines, I begin to cry on cue!
Eb/FSing about the Emerald Isle and
Ab/BbGet your Irish eyes to smilin’ -
Db/Eb DI could be in love with someone like you.
DI just left a relationship
With a lovely girl Named Alyssa Levine. She was really great, It was all my fault - I just got upset ‘Cause she slept with my brother.
Bm7So I made a vow
Bm7/ANot to get caught up
Bm7/GIn the dating scene
Bm7/F#Or the whole routine
Bm7/EWith the cousin’s friend
Bm7/F#Or the who-knows-what,
Bm7/GLike I need that shit.
DI’ve got marks to make,
D/EI’ve got steps to climb,
D/F#It’s the perfect time!
D/GI’ve got books to write,
D/AI’ve got things to do -
D/BI go out my door
D/CAnd bump into you,
DAnd the jig is up,
D/EAnd my vow is through!
D/F# G6I don’t know what I’m coin’,
D2/F# Em11But come in and ruin me!
F Bb/F Cm/FI will write my own “Ulysses”
FIf you’re there to show me how.
Take me back to Glocca Morra,
Db2 Eb2 FBathe me in the River Shannon now.
If you’ll be Mrs. O’Leary, Baby, I will be your cow.
Eb/FI’ll deliver shamrocks daily,
Ab/BbBuy your pa a new shillelagh,
Db/EbI could be in love with someone like...
Eb6 AbMaj7/EbYou could be my inspiration
Eb6And get me past this block,
D#augAnd walk me through the Great Unknown.
Eb2 AbMaj7/EbYou could be my true salvation,
Eb2Unchain me from this rock,
Cb2 And keep me from being alone, ‘Cause I’m no good at being alone!
F Bb/F Cm/FTake me to another level!
FLet me play in bigger halls!
I will do a Riverdance
Db2 Eb2 FAs long as you keep answering my calls!
Get me out of my apartment! Keep me from my empty walls!
Eb/FSomeone hire John McCormack!
Cb7 Start the Wearing of the Green!
Ab/BbLet me win the Irish Sweepstakes!
Db/EbLet me take you home, Kathleen!
I can be in love with someone! I can be in love with someone!
Db/EbI can be in love with
Db6add9 Someone Cm7b9 C7b9 Like
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