Jason Webley - Train Tracks chords

I've transposed it into the key of C to avoid the dreaded bar chords. You might like to 
replace G (3-2-0-0-0-1) with G (3-5-5-4-3-3) sometimes, so that you can then slide your 
fingers down two frets for a nice transition into F, depending on how funky you want to get.

C_________G________________FI know that you've been feeling tired
C_________G_____________FI hear your voice is wearing thin
C___________G____________Am________FI know you've slept so many places in the past few days
____C_____________G_________________FYou can't remember just which bed you're in
C_______________G_______________F_______F-C-G-CThere's something familiar about this room
C___________G____________F_________________F-C-G-CAnywhere you go it's just like you've been there before
C______________G_____________Am_________FSo if you want to step outside this body and this world
_____________C_________________G___________FYou're going to have to go through a different kind of door
C____________G_________F______________F-C-G-C And this train only runs in summertime
C________________G____________F_______F-C-G-C The children have been let out of school
C___________G________________Am_____________F You haven't packed the bottoms of your shoes are cracked
_________C_______________G_______________F_____F-C-G-C But your passport has been kissed be the holy fool
____C_______________G_______________F_______F-C-G-CThe smiling Crosseyed barefoot dressed in rags
C_________G____________F____________________F-C-G-CBend down talking to the crows
C_________G______________Am___________FHe's got no words to tell ya, just some magic beans to sell ya
C_______________G_______________F___________F-C-G-CPlant them and in time the tracks will grow
C____________G_________F____________________F-C-G-C And this train only runs in summertime
C______________G_____________F______________F-C-G-C The parents are lying beside the pool
C_________G__________Am_________F The cup is cracked, it's broken by the tacks
_________C_______________G_______________F_________F-C-G-C But your passport has been kissed be the holy fool
------>C______G___________F Are you looking for salvation?
______________C______________________G Are you looking from answers from Jesus for dancers
_________F To serve you some warmth on cold nights?
C_________________________G___________________________Am Are you looking for the thing that looks out through your eyes?
_______F For something that won’t leave your side?
______________C_______________G_______________F On this lonely planet where everyone’s waving goodbye.
C_________G_________________F_______F-C-G-CI know that you’ve been working hard
C___________G___________________F_____________F-C-G-CYou want the whole world to see how brightly you can glow
___C_____________G____________Am____________FBut if you just trade everything for that small bag of dried up beans
C_________G_________________F_______Its only time until the whistle bloooooooooow!
C___________G_________F__________F-C-G-CAnd this train only runs in sum-mer time!
____C________G__________F________F-C-G-CThe only contradiction is the rule
C_________G________Am________F________C__________G_____________FIts moving fast but its not gong to last and an open empty boxcar stares at you
Note: (F-C-G-C) is the little accordian riff that you should play one strum per chord, if you're using a guitar.
Also... for the actual version Transpose to the key of F C=F G=C F=Bb Am=Dm
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