Javier - Ok Heres The Truth tab

javier-ok heres the truth
tabbed by- cosme cham
intro - F Bb F

theres a look on her face, shes starting to master 
        Dm                  Bb
as she carefully closes the door
shes been coming home late with pre-package answers 
   Dm                     Bb       
to questions she tries to avoid

now shes talking to fast
and i just have to ask  
      Bb                            C
baby whats all the cloak and dagger for?

             F                    Dm
Ok heres the truth, i ran out of gas
            Bb            Am                 Gm
and i didnt call because i thought you'll be mad
       F                                 Dm
so i started to walk, took an hour and a half
                Bb         Am            Gm
to get off that highway and fill up that can
       Bb          C            F 
i was hoping that you'll understand 

shes getting good with the lies
so good that u wonder 
if the rabbit in the hat tricks for real
she turns water into wine and i'd almost believe her
if her eyes just for once could keep still

now my patiece wears thin
cause she late once again
honey tell me what delayed you this time?

ok heres the truth
its gonna sound kinda strange
but i took a new way home from work for a change 
it started out find, till i got to route nine
wait an hour on way before i realise
im sorry ive ruined all our plans
     Bb           C                  C#
i was hoping that you'll understand 

    C#                  Eb
in there watching her secretly talking
        F                       Bb
it is just about all that i can bare
            C#                         Eb
now i know why shes been wearing more makeup and caring
    F                      Bb  
so much about changing her hair

the telephone vibrates on the table again
another damm private call coming through
now shes visibly shaking and i just feel like taking
that phone throwing it clear cross the room

she anwers hello
a mans voice i dont know
says its time that you tell him the truth

now i cant take this more
honey im out the door
    Gm                    Dm 
no i wont relax, i got my suitcase all pack
      F                                   G
but what she said next stop me dead in my tracks 

Ok heres the truth, 
its not what you think
the man that you heard is head of oncology
im sorry i lied, to you all of those times
i didn't know how to tell you i might not survive

Ok theres the truth, ive got six months to live
only wanted whats best for you and the kids
i promise i fight, with all of my might
but if i loose this battle i lived a good life
    Bb               C        Dm
so baby just please hold my hand
     Bb           C
and tell me that you ...
   F          B    C        F

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