Jawbox - Green Glass tab

                  GREEN GLASS
                              As recorded by Jawbox
              (From the 1994 Album FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART)

Words and Music by J. Robbins

4/4 time    
     Q - quarter, E - 8th
     (chord names are above the tab)


   Cmb5             D7

E E E E E E Q E E E E Q QE|-----------------|----------------|B|------------5----|----------------|G|----5---7-5---7--|---4-----4--5---|D|--4---4----------|-3---3-3--------|A|-----------------|----------------|E|-----------------|----------------|
E E E E E E Q E E E E E E QE|------------------------|------------------------|B|------------------------|------------------------|G|--12-12-12-12-14-12-11--|------------------------|D|------------------------|-10-10-10-10-12-10-12---|A|--10-10-10-10-12-10--9--|------------------------|E|------------------------|------------------------|
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