Jawbreaker - Condtion Oakland chords

Condition Oakland

This song is one of my favorites, it's pretty close to the actual thing too.

These are the chords.|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-||--------13------------8-----------------16-------------18------------------9------||--------x--------------x-----------------x---------------x-------------------x----||--------11------------6-----------------14--------------16-----------------7------||--------0--------------0-----------------0---------------0------------------------|
Variant Ab Variant D# Variant B Variant C# Variant E Anytime these chords are mentioned they are played as above, unless otherwise noted. All other chords are regular power chords. Introduction: Play chords Ab D# Ab C# B 2nd time play chords Ab D# Ab D# Verse:
F# G# AI went down to the tracks
B(reg) C#(reg) G#thinking what they might say to me.
F# G# ABut they just stared back
B(reg) C#(reg) G#broken, trainless and black as night.
Then play Ab verse: Climbed out onto my roof, so I'd be a poet in the night. Beat the walls of my room, I saw the big room that is this life. Chorus:
G# E(reg) This is my Condition,
E var. during this part the bass plays: E G# A BNaked and hysterical, reaching to grab a hand that I just slapped back at.
G# E(reg) This is my Condition E var. as above. Desperate, alone, without an excuse, tried to explain, Christ what's the use. At the end of the chorus the guitar does a hammer on repeatedly, on the 3rd string notes 8/9. Intro: Verse: Read and I felt so small, some words keep speaking when you close the book. Drank and just about smiled, then I remember us in that bed. Put my ear to the door, I just heard hot rods and gunshots and sirens. People kill me these days, they have keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside. Chorus: Outro:
play Ab then3rd-|-----13/14----13----11--|
D# Continue this for A while then: Ab(reg) C#(reg) B(reg) A then repeat outro till he stops talking.
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