Jawbreaker – Bad Scene Everyones Fault chords

Bad Scene Everyone's Fault
Dear You
1995 Jade tree Records
Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com

Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D -  xx0232
A -  x02220
Bm - x24432
G -  320033

Intro: D--A--D--G-- x2

Verse 1:
D A D GI went to a party last night
D A GWhat sick things I saw
D AMakeout sessions and
D Gbicycle messengers
D A GPunks and art school dropouts
Interlude: D-A-D-G- Verse 2:
D A D GI ran into this guy I knew
D A GBut hadn't seen in years
D A DWe went into the neon
G D A Gkitchen and stole a couple beers
Chorus 1:
A Bm GHe said his girl had dumped him
D A GBut there was another guy
A BmHe said that he still
G D Aliked her All I could say was
D AAll I could say was
D AAll I could say was
D A D G"Why why oh why oh why
D A GWhy is it always like this?
D AEither you're too mean
D Gor you're too nice"
DHe said "I even
A Gcooked her breakfast"
Post Chorus: Guitar SoloD--A--D--G-- x2
Verse 3:
D A D GSo we went into the living room
D A GSomeone was blasting Zeppelin
D AIt sounded good
D GI felt ashamed
D A G-- I knew every drum fill Verse 4:
D A D GAnyway there she's sat
D A GTotally kissing this guy
D AThey looked good I
D Gmean like in love
D A GThen I remembered my friend
Chorus 2:
AHe said "How
Bm Gcould you do this?"
DYou said that you
A Gneeded your space
AHe's wearing the
Bm Gshirt that I gave you"
D AThen she said
D AThen she said
D AThen she said
D A D G"Why why oh why oh why
D A GWhy are you always like this?
D AIf I'm having fun then
D Git's breaking your heart
D ABesides you said
GI could have it"
Outro: Guitar Solo D--A--D--G--D--A--D--G--
D A G(hold)Then the cops showed up
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