Jawbreaker - Boxcar tab

24 Hour Revenge Therapy/Dear You [Reissue]

Standard tuning

"This is a song about the punk rock scene in the Bay Area."
                            - Blake Schwarzenbach [3/10/94]

IntroGuitar 1e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G--------5---5-------5---5-------5---5-------5----|D--5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x--|A--5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x--|E--3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x--|
Guitar 2 (only on intro)e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------5<-----------|D------------------------------------x------------|A------------------------------------3<-----------|E-------------------------------------------------| Vol. swell
Main Riff G C G C G C D Ce----------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------|G---------5--5----------5--5----------5--5---7--7---5--5---|D--5--5---5--5---5--5---5--5---5--5---5--5---7--7---5--5---|A--5--5---3--3-0-5--5---3--3-0-5--5---3--3-0-5--5-0-3--3-0-|E--3--3-0--------3--3-0--------3--3-0----------------------|
Verse G C G C You're not punk and i'm telling everyone G C D C Save your breath i never was one G C G C You don't know what i'm all about G C D C Like killing cops and reading Kerouac Chorus (All palm muted except for chords in [ ]'s and the main riff) G A C My enemies are all too familiar G A E C [G C G C] They're the ones who used to call me friend G A C I'm coloring outside your guidelines A C [G A B C] I was passing out while you were passing out your rules [E D] Main Riff 1, 2, 3, 4, who's punk? what's the score? Verse (same as first) I got a friend, her name is Boxcar Cigarettes and beer in El Sob Her hair was blue, now it's green I like her mind, she hates the scene Chorus (same as first)
BridgeGuitar 1e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G--------5---5-------5---5-------5---5-------5----|D--5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x--|A--5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x-3-5-x-5-3-x--|E--3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x---3-x-3---x--|
Guitar 2e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------55555555555--|D------------------------------------55555555555--|A------------------------------------33333333333--|E------------------Just-C-played-really-fast-^----|
In the 24 Hour Revenge Therapy version, guitar 2 plays this:e------------------------------------12-----------|B------------------------------------15b17--------|G-------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
Outro G C You're all alone G C All alone G C All alone D C On your own G C All alone G C All alone G C All alone D C You're on you're own End on G. I listened to the Dear You re-recording while tabbing this out. So that should explain any different words or anything like that.
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