Jay And The Americans - No Other Love chords

No Other Love – Jay and the Americans
Tabbed by Zack Feldman

GNo other love have I
G F#Only my love for you
AOnly the dream we knew
D GNo other love
GWatching the night go by
G F#Wishing you could be
AWatching the night with me
D GInto the night I cry
F Hurry home, come home to me
Dmaj7 A BSet me Free Free
G G# G Bbm
G# Bbm (C#) G#No other love have I
AInto your arms I'll fly
G#Locked in your arms Ill stay
BmWaiting to hear you say
Em ANo other love have I
D ANo other love… have I
A B C#m A B C#m DNo other, no other love
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