Jay Brannan - Bodys A Temple tab

Since I haven't found any decent tabs of the song, here it goes:

Standard tuning.


e|----------|----------|----------|----------|B|----------|----------|----------|----------|G|----------|--0----0--|----------|----------| All the song goes like this.D|--2----0--|--2----4--|--2----0--|-----0----|A|--3----2--|--3----5--|--3----2--|-----5----|E|-------3--|----------|-------3--|-----5----|
Chords Part: Cadd9/G/Cadd9/Dadd4add9add12/Cadd9/G/Asus4... Since this is my first tab, if anyone knows how to put the chord into blue color so that people can see the chord, comment how :)
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