Jay Brannan – Soda Shop tab

OK, so here is the tab for Soda Shop from the motion picture Shortbus.
It is written by Jay Brannan. Look up the Youtube video he made for this song.
You'll enjoy it!

Notes: The song is all finger picking and it's really hard to get the rhythm.
I will right the rhythm values above the notes to help you out, but you're on your own 
there. AND in the original, a capo is used on the first fret.

Intro: q e e e e q q e e e e e ee------------2----------------|x2B----0-------3---0-------7----|G----0-------4---0-------7----|D-----------------------------|A--------------3---0-5-5------|E--3---3-0-0---------------3--|
Verse: q e e e e q q e e e e e ee------------2----------------|x4B----0-------3---0-------7----|G----0-------4---0-------7----|D-----------------------------|A--------------3---0-5-5------|E--3---3-0-0---------------3--|
Bridge: q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e q qe------------2----------------------------2------------|B----0-------3---0-------7p0------0-------3---0-----7--|G----0-------4---0-------7p0------0-------4---0-----7--|D------------------------------------------------------|A--------------3---0-5-5--------------------3---0-5----|E--3---3-0-0--------------------3---3-0-0--------------|
Verse Bridge
Chorus: e e e q e e q e e e h (Ok sorry, but the rhythm is very odd here.)e-----------------------------|B--------0-----3-----3--------|G------0-----0-----0----------|D----------------------0------|A----------2-----3------------|E--3-3------------------------|
Bridge Verse Bridge Chorus
Outro: q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e e e he------------2-------------------------2----------------|B----0-------3---0-------7p0---0-------3---0-------[7]--|G----0-------4---0-------7p0---0-------4---0------------|D-------------------------------------------------------|A--------------3---0-5-5-----------------3---0-5-5------|E--3---3-0-0-----------------3---3-0-0------------------|
q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e e e q q e e e e q qe------------2-------------------------2----------------|B----0-------3---0-------7p0---0-------3---0-------7-6--|G----0-------4---0-------7p0---0-------4---0-------7----|D-------------------------------------------------------|A--------------3---0-5-5-----------------3---0-5-5------|E--3---3-0-0-----------------3---3-0-0------------------| rit. (slow down)
Ok, the very last note is the only one that I couldn't figure out (It's an F chord of kind), if you know what it is, please email me at xroyal_flushx@hotmail.com Thank you, good luck, and have fun
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