Jay Farrar - Cahokian tab

Artist: Son Volt / Jay Farrar
Song: Cahonian
Album(s): Stone Steel and Bright Lights, Live at Slim's (DVD), Live in Seattle, Terroir 
(halo2 solomusic christmass)

I am sure that you need different versions of most of these chords (moved up the board) 
really match the soong, but those are difficult and I'm lazy. Hope this helps.
     -Tupelo's War

Intro E, E/G, E7 X3 or 4

Cm         A7
I will what for you (in the)
Em                C
Green Green Spaces (wearing our)
Dsus4 (bend)        G walk to C
Post industrial Faces.

Side by side (sit the)
Trash pile twin (and the)
Eleventh Century

Of the mississipian
With the calendar of the sun

Under a blood red sun


Ceremonial mounds (in the)
Backyards and towns
That's the way
It worked out

A city built up (the other)
Great mound torn (down)
that's the way
It happened

A culture undone
That vanished in the sun

Solo (not exactly the verse chords, but similar and with intros)

Forward and on (we go)
Building our mounds (out of control)
Full of our finest (throwaway)

The New Mississipians
Waiting to be undone
Under a smog choked sun
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