Jay Foreman – Chained To A Radiator chords

          Jay Foreman-Chained to a Radiator  

GHad a very dodgy night last night I don’t remember much about it
DAnd from the looks of things it looks as if I really could have gone without it
G F# Em C Dsus4 DStarted to go wrong when this girl offered me her beer
Em Bm C Dsus4 DThen she leaned over and whispered let’s get out of here
AmHere I am hours later
D GChained to a radiator
GI swear there’s something wrong about the beer it had a weird effect upon me
DI don’t know why I felt like doing everything that everybody told me
G F# Em C Dsus4 DSternly she looked at me and said let’s go to your place
Em Bm C Dsus4 DI’d have done just about anything for such a face
AmBut now I think I hate her
D GChained to a radiator
B7 EmWe both went upstairs to the bedroom and there she did something quite strange
B7 Em Em7She took out some jangly handcuffs and said do you like playing games
Am Am7 Dsus4 DThe beer had now taken me over couldn’t say no anymore
Am F D C GShe put all my stuff in her bag said thanks and walked out of the door.
GI’ve lost all feeling in my hand it’s hanging loosely like a flower petal
DMy arse is hurting and my back is feeling rigid up against the metal
G F# Em C Dsus4 DStarting to wonder if anyone will find me here
Em Bm C Dsus4 DMaybe should think about getting food and water near
AmI’ll call the office later
D GChained to a radiator
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