Jay Malinowski – Nacreitos tab

This is my first tab,  and there is a second guitar 
Over top the acousitc. Not 100% on lyrics, but here it is

by: Jay Malinowski
Tabbed by: Jay Forbes
capo: 6th fret

Verse 1

Em                          Am                Em 
Hey Lenny, don't those city lights look real pretty,
                                  D        C                            
as the moon cascades a smile over Main and Hastings,
                                 G                    D 
You came in from the hammer on a grey hound coach out west,
Em                                  Am             Em
you'll find those nacreitos waiting for you with a gift, 

Em                         Am                Em
I'll say my good byes, and leave you with a smile,
                                             D                 C             
I don't have any friends around here but the gesture is worth while,
                                          G               D
The boys downtown in the government, are waiting for our votes,
Em                                     Am                 
but the nacreitos are makin' sure they get that tax we owe

*the other verses are the same*

Bridge: C,G,D,Em

Verse 2

Did you hear they don't want your safe house here anymore,
and they cut the odds with a steely knife and sent kids off to war
Theres no room for an audit or an artist in the house
Its law and order all the while in a nacretios smile

And I've been told the PM thinks that he is colour blind
Theres crime and punishment in prisons, those he leaves behind
Just take those needles and lock the key and turn away your eyes
theres no rehibilitaion in a nacretios mind

Verse 3

So Lenny, this city sleeps and now i'll say goodbye
we've got no buisness here in these chambers of our times
if you'd rather put your money, on a 8ft piece of land
its all goin' to the government, and organized crime
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