Jay Malinowski - Life Is A Gun tab


Jay hits the base note first when strumming in this song.

Capo 4th fretRun: |--------------||--------------| |--------------| |-0-2-0--------||-------2-0---2| |-----------0--| Intro: G Run Em Run (2x)
Verse 1: G Run Em Run (2x) Deep in the past We can trigger to the barrel blast On the avenue Where I would crash into you CHOURS: Em G C G C G D (2x) End C What's done is done and life is a gun Life is a gun on the run Oh my dear, isn't life a gun A story shotgun that came undone We came undone Intro: G Run Em Run Verse 2: G Run Em Run (2x) New York's cold On the road we became old Standing still But I'm running against all my will CHOURS: Em G C G C G D (2x) End C Verse 3: G Run Em Run (2x) The well won path Was never something I would walk So lay it down Lay these guns in the ground CHOURS: Em G C G C G D (3x) End C ANY QUESTIONS MY AIM & EMAIL IS PuertoCarino@aol.com HAPPY JAMMING!
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