Jaya The Cat - Just The Way It Goes tab

this is an awesome song by jaya the cat and not difficult, because I know how to play it 
I don't even play guitar:D

Guitar 1 (with distortion):

main ska riff:e|-x-7-x-7-x-3-x-3-x-5-x-5-x-2-x-2-|B|-x-7-x-7-x-3-x-3-x-5-x-5-x-2-x-2-|G|-x-7-x-7-x-4-x-4-x-6-x-6-x-2-x-2-|D|-x-9-x-9-x-5-x-5-x-7-x-7-x-4-x-4-|A|-x-9-x-9-x-5-x-5-x-7-x-7-x-4-x-4-|E|-x-7-x-7-x-3-x-3-x-5-x-5-x-2-x-2-|
Guitar 2 (clean):
main riff:e|------7-|B|----7---|G|--------|D|--------|A|--------|E|--------|
other riff (you'll hear it):e|----7--------5-7--------------------|B|--7---7-7-7-----5---5-5-5---5-7-----|G|---------------------------7-----7--|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
Chorus: "that's just the way it goes"e|--7--7--3--3--5--5--2--2-|B|--7--7--3--3--5--5--2--2-|G|--7--7--4--4--6--6--2--2-|D|--9--9--5--5--7--7--4--4-|A|--9--9--5--5--7--7--4--4-|E|--7--7--3--3--5--5--2--2-|the pattern is not so difficult, you'll hear it
Well figure out the pattern of the song yourself, but this is all you need AWESOME SONG!
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