Jaymay - Sea Green Sea Blue chords

Capo 4th fret

C /b Am /g F"Won't you miss me?" you said inside grand central station
C /b Am /g FAnd your eyes grew red and wild before the chasin'
G /c /b /a C I felt your body move through my coat
G /c /b /a C I felt you footstep silent but
/b Am /g FHeavy, you followed me onto the shuttle
C /b Am /g FTapped my shoulder one last time and that was all, that was all
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (x2)
C /b Am /g FI miss winter just because i miss when i knew you best
C /b Am /g FI miss the typewriter in the basement, i miss making your room a mess
G /c /b /a C I miss not being misused
G /c /b /a C /bI miss it all, so i guess i lose
Am /g GSea green, see blue
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (x2)
C /b Am /g FSeptember 2nd to April 13th, but who's counting?
C /b Am /g FSong after song after song after song amounting into mountains
G /c /b /a C He told me you beat her up
G /c /b /a C Behold the "Super Keith" on the cup
/b Am /g FWhat's up, enough's enough, and where's my morning coffee?
C /b Am /g FI regret every single thing I ever said, I said those things too softly
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (x2)
C /b Am /g F There was you, there was me in the room with the alcoholic guest
C /b Am /g FYou asked if we should sleep on these cardboard sheets I said "Yes, okay, let's"
G /c /b /a C And the sculptor we hardly knew
G /c /b /a C /bHis limbs were lying askew
Am /g GSea green, see blue
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (x2)
C /b Am /g FYou tossed your phone fifty feet in the air, I can't believe you caught it
C /b Am /g FYou said whatever you wanted to as long as you thought it should be true
G /c /b /a C And you dream, you make movies, you dance
G /c /b /a C /b You moved to montreal, to be closer to france
/b Am /g FHow's that working out, how's the music, how's the food?
C /b Am /g FI know you won't stay there forever, i know you're gonna move again and again and again
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (x2)
C /b Am /g FThis is crazy, but I know I left you to be with your art
C /b Am /g FYou always put me first, and somehow that broke my heart
G /c /b /a C 'Cause it's not my place to choose
G /c /b /a C /bMy first love, and my only muse
Am /g GSea green, see blue
C /b Am /g FHmmmm (however many times it is in the recordings)
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