Jaymay - Only May Die So Lonely chords

Capo 4th ftret
Cís are embellished with Csus4ís and Csus2ís
Gís are embellished with Gsus4ís

Cremind me again just what u were sayin
when u walked in the room when the music was playin
G when i was lost too but in my own thoughts
Cand I could not find you
CTell me your story, I'm listening this time
i can get us sunglasses n a bottle of wine
G Cwe can sit on the carpet sit on the table or sit on the moon
FYou can reach for my hand
You can say what you like
CIs just what you just can't stand
G u can be a boy or a little old man, be what you want--even nothin at all--
CBe with me
Cn why not forgive us quit holdin yr breath
n reachin with yr right hand like it's all that is left
Gfor the knob of the door--
i love all yr ankles--
CYou fall on my floor
CYou roll your eyes
You're so sick of this "jaymay, the bracelet i placed on yr wrist--you lost it"
Glets face it, i think we both lost it
Ca little bit
F"i know yre livin in londumb
CCause you keep on complaining where is the sunshine, it always is raining
GThatís all I am hearing, skies ainít clearing
Your eyes keep on tearing
CYou're missing New York
No chord
CBut do you miss me
Do you miss our talks Do you miss our touching and our midnight walks
GDo you miss the ocean
Do you miss the sand
CDo you miss me at all
miss seerman?"
CI have to laugh like crazy
I really think you're crazy You might as well ask me if a hot dayís all hazy
G Cis yr left eye still navy have i ever lay lazy with u on the grass
FLet me get something straight
Cause I really do hate
CThis feeling that's growing
to think youíre not knowing
GWherever I may run
Even if it's dumb I love only you
CYou are the only one
CSo it really doesn't matter
If I'm sorta having fun if for a cruel even second I get a glimpse of the sun
GWhether singing on the stages or filling up the pages
CSomethings undone
CAnd the song ends here
cause yre really really weird We haven't said a word in over a year
GIt just gives me hope
like music is a rope
Cto hold you right here
FAnd I'm sorry for these lines
I'm sorry for my crimes
Cand I'm sorry for the oceans I sails all the times
Gif i ever gave you something it probably was the notion
CI never gave you nothing but a very hard time
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