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From: "holas" 
Subject: j/jazz_butcher_conspiracy/who_loves_you_now.crd
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 19:26:31 -0400

Who Loves You Now?

written by Max Eider

as performed by The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy on "Distressed Gentlefolk" (c)
1986 Big Time Records MFG by RCA #8472-16021-1

transcribed by Andy Holaday 4-98.


First here are the chord forms and their patterns:

Intro & Outro chords:

e---x----x----x----x----x----x-----7----x-----x----x----x-------|B---x----x----x----x----x----7-----7----4-----6----3----3-------|G---7----7----5----5----x----9-----7----5-----7----5----2-------|D---7----6----5----4----x----8-----6----4-----6----4----x-------|A---x----x----x----x----5----x-----7----5-----7----5----2-------|E---7----6----5----4----3----8-----x----x-----x----x----3-------| Bm7 A#7 Am7 G#7 G F#7b5 E9 D7b9 E7b9 D7 G (add9)
Verse form 1 (V1) pattern (repeat once each time you play it):
e---x----x------x------x----x----x--|B---3----6------6------5----4----3--|G---4----7------7------5----5----5--|D---4----6------6------5----4----4--|A---x----7------x------7----5----5--|E---3----x------7------5----x----x--| GM7 E7b9 E7b9/B Am7 D7b9 D7
Verse form 2 (V2) pattern:
e---x-----x-----x-----x-----x----x----x---x--|B---3-----5-----3-----5-----3----3----4---7--|G---4-----7-----4-----7-----4----2----5---7--|D---4-----5-----4-----5-----4----2----5---7--|A---x-----x-----x-----x-----x----x----3---5--|E---3-----7-----3-----7-----3----3----x---x--| GM7 Em7/B GM7 Em7/B GM7 G6/9 Cm D
Chorus pattern (repeat once each time you play it):
e---x---x----x-----x-----x------x-----x---x---x----x--|B---8---6----6-----6-----5------4-----4---7---3----3--|G---8---8----8-----7-----4------3-----5---7---4----2--|D---8---7----7-----7-----4------3-----3---7---4----2--|A---x---8----x-----x-----5------x-----x---5---x----x--|E---8---x----8-----6-----x------4-----4---x---3----3--| Cm7 F7 F7/C A#M7 D6/9 G#6/9 G#6 D GM7 G6/9
============================ Intro: Bm7 - A#7 - Am7 - G#7 - G - F#7b5 - Bm7 - E9 - Am7 - D7b9 - G - E7b9 - Am7 - D7 (V1) GM7 E7b9 E7b9/B Am7 D7b9 D7 Who l-l-l-l-l-loves you now? Do I? GM7 E7b9 E7b9/B Am7 D7b9 D7 Who calms you down and shows you how to comply? (V2) GM7 Em7/B Gm7 Em7/B Whose concern is how you contend with the pain? GM7 G6/9 Whose tender hands have touched your flesh and your heart and your Cm D GM7 brain -- Again and again? (V1) Who n-n-n-n-n-needs you near? Do I? Who knows exactly what you fear? Do I? (V2) Who'll stand by you, send your temperature high? Who'll be with you as you haemorrhage, stagger, and die, dear? (Chorus) Cm7 F7 F7/C A#M7 D6/9 Don't leave now my wretched memory, G#6/9 G#6 D GM7 G6/9 Don't leave now. You get safe pills for self-inflicted ills -- Who loves you now? (piano solo) (V1 - V2 - Chorus) (V1) Who lets you out and locks you in; who knows where you begin? Who nestles snug inside your skin? Do I? (V2) Who pursues you with desperate cries? Whose fine taste only your death satisfies? (V1) Who'll keep you safe and feed you right -- turn brown meat into white? Who'll taste your soft and tender flesh tonight? (V2) Barren-hearted, ruthless and vain: I'm sick of waiting for the sun to break after the rain. (Chorus) We're all blind, god damn this poison humankind -- Who needs you now? Brave sons, another generation comes -- Who loves you now? Outro: G - F#7b5 - Bm7 - E9 - Am7 - D7b9 - G - E7b9 - Am7 - D7b9-- G - E7b9 - Am7 - D7b9-- G---------------------- - - E7b9 - Am7 - D7 - G (add 9) ================================================= If anyone has a keen ear and knows how to play the piano solo I'd love to hear from you! holadays2@msn.com
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