Jd – Sparks Are Gonna Fly chords

Intro: B,E

B You had me strugglin' wonderin' from the first look
E Gave me a week-end smile and that was all it took
B F# to light a fire... inside of me
B Took a second to wake up and get my courage up
E Kinda crazy confused but I was sure enough
B F# You are the girl... of my dreams
E F#Pre-Chorus: We've got nothing to lose just me and you
B What are we waiting for?
Come on let's go!
BChorus: We got, we got everything we need
E We are, we are ready to believe
F# Cause the time is right
E Sparks are gonna fly
B We got, we got got it figured out
E We are, we are we're gonna run this town
F# Take my hand tonight
E (mute) Sparks are gonna fly
Sparks are gonna fly Whoa (x5) sparks are gonna fly Whoa (x6)
B Infiltrating, invading my heart and in my brain
E Every one or two seconds I think I'll go insane
B F# Check my pulse... I can barely breathe
B Feel like an insomniac with all the sleep I lost,
E And my Temperature's rising I just can't shake it off,
B F# But I know...It's just chemistry
(Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (slows down now)
B Promised I will give you everything
B Show you something that you've never seen
E F# Tonight I'll be by your side
(speeds up again) (chorus)(first section is acapella) Whoa (x5) sparks are gonna fly Whoa (x6) Sparks are gonna fly http://www.facebook.com/pages/JD-Meeboer/188563807875063
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