Jean Sibelius - Finlandia Hymn chords version 1

If you don't like the some chords for Be Still, My soul, there's 
plenty to go around. The song probably shouldn't be played like this, but it's 
easy, and good for singing along with. I included english lyrics in the bottom if 
anyone's interested (no, not the "be still, my soul" ones, but translated ones). 
The chords aren't exactly in their correct places, because this editor is 
terrible...but try to figure it out anyway.

D A D G A G A DOi Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs' koittaa,
D A D G A G A Dyön uhka karkoitettu on jo pois,
D A/C# Bm D/F# A Emja aamun kiuru kirkkaudessa soittaa
Em D/F# G D G F#kuin itse taivahan kansi sois'.
D A/C# Bm D/F# A EmYön vallat aamun valkeus jo voittaa,
Em D/F# G A7 Dsun päiväs' koittaa, oi synnyinmaa.
D A D G A G A DOi nouse, Suomi, nosta korkealle
D A D G A G A Dpääs' seppelöimä suurten muistojen,
D A/C# Bm D/F# A Emoi nouse, Suomi, näytit maailmalle
Em D/F# G D G F#sa että karkoitit orjuuden
D A/C# Bm D/F# A Emja ettet taipunut sa sorron alle,
Em D/F# G A7 Don aamus' alkanut, synnyinmaa.
In english: Finland, behold, your day has now come dawning; Banished is night, its menace gone with light, Larks' song again in morning-brightness ringing, Filling the air to heaven's great height, And morning's glow, night's darkness overcoming; Your day is come, o my native land. O Finland, rise, stand proud, the future facing, Your valiant deeds recalling, once again; O Finland rise, in the world's sight erasing From your fair brows vile slavery's stain. You were not broken by oppressors ruling; Your morning's come, o my native land.
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