Jed Madela - I Need You Back chords

Title      :	I Need You Back
Artist     :	Jed Madela

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Intro G , C 2x then D

G Em7If I had shown what you really meant to me
G Em7Maybe then you still be a part of me
Am D7 Bm EmI was wrong not to let you know
Am A/C# DThis feeling that's hard for me to how
G Em7Since you've gone I've always been alone
G Em7Feeling down and sorry for myself
Am D7 BmI look at your picture and there I find
A A/C# DI wont make it through another rain
Without your sunshine Refrain:
CM7I need you back
D/C Bm Em I need you here to guide me
CM7Please come back
D/C Bm You're the only one who's ever loved me
D Bm EmLets start all over again
Am G-C-G-CShare the love you had for me then......
(Do Verse CHords) Since I've said what I came here to say Guess I'd better be going on my way But before I go I just got to let you know You're the only one who can make me happy again (repeat refrain)
Am D7Share the love you had for me then
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