Jed Madela - Only Reminds Me Of You tab

Title: Only Reminds Me Of You
Artist: Jed Madela
Tabbed by: Rolando Orteza

itz my own version...actually itz my first tab...not so accurate but it packs a wallop

Chords used:

C: 032010
G: 355433
F: 133211
Am: 577555

e2 ggmitin s lhat ng chords:

pra sa Am-G:
Verse: C G I see you, beside me F It's only a dream AmG A Vision of what used to be C G The laughter, the sorrow F Pictures in time AmG Fading to memories pre-chorus: C GF How could I ever let you go? Am G Is it too late to let you know? Chorus: CG I try to run from your side F But each place I hide Am G C only reminds me of you G When i turn out all the lights F Even the night Am G C only reminds me of you Verse 2: (use verse 1 chords) I needed my freedom That's what I thought But I was a fool to believe My heart lied when you cried Rivers of tears But I was too blind to see pre-chorus: Everything we've been through before Now it means so much more Chorus: C G F Am G play these chords: C G F Am G after chorus Only you... Bridge: CG So come back to me F I'm down on my knees Am-G Girl can't you see... C GF How could I ever let you go Am G C Is it too late to late to let you know Chorus: C G F Am G Am G C ..only reminds me of you..
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