Jeff Beck – What Mama Said tab

The intro to "what mama said" from the album "who else!" is preformed by jennifer
using a two hand tap technique. Your gonna want to use some kind of dampner on the first fret
prevent unecessary string noise (for those broke musicians like me, a sock tied to the
is ugly but works just fine). i got this tab from a russian guitar magazine (which is
cause i cant read or speak any russian) i noticed that there are no english posts for it
i thought i would throw it out there. i am working on the main part of the song, but as
am sure u can imagine its slow going. Ill repost the whole thing if i ever get it done, 
if anyone has it could u plz e-mail it to me at anyways here is the
the notes that are tapped with the right hand are marked with a T below them however
much everything is a hammer on or pull off, good luck.

-------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------------|---------------------------------|------------------------14--------12-|------------------------17-------|----10-5-10/12-7---7-12------7-10----|----10-5----14-7---7-15----------|-5---------------5---------5---------|-5-------12------5----------5----|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------8-| T T T T T T T T T T T
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