Jeff Bridges – What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do chords ver. 2

First tab. Easy song.

Cadd9 D GI heard that you've been feeling down and blue,
Cadd9 D GBut there ain't nothing really wrong with you,
Cadd9 D GYou just need a little tendin to
Cadd9 D GLet me show you what a little bit of love can do!
Cadd9 D GIt's amazing what a little bit of love can do!
Cadd9I've been told someone needs a little help,
GHaving trouble getting on with someone else
Cadd9 GI'm here to tell you everything is gonna be fine!
Cadd9Yeah I know you're hurtin, cause your heart is breaking!
GI think that I can alleviate the situation
Cadd9 GLook in my eyes and listen to me baby, put your little hand in mine
Pattern is the same for the rest of the verses.
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