Jeff Buckley – Satisfied Mind tab

Satisfied Mind, Buckley Jeff, 

D(add9): xx0230 E7: 0201xx A: x0222x E:02210x

e|-----------—--|B|-3—3p2--2-----|G|-2--2---2-----| D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
A D(add9) A E A D(add9) A How many times... ...have you heard someone say A E E7 D(add9) A If I had money... I'd do things my way A D A E A D(add9) A But little they know... ...that it's so hard to find A E E7 D(add9) A one rich man intent... ... with a satisfied mind A D(add9) A E A d(add9) A Money can't buy back... ... oh your youth when you're old A E E7 D(add9) A A friend when you're lonely... ...or peace to your soul A D(add9) A E A D(add9) A The wealthiest person... a pauper at times E E7 D(add9) A Compared to the man... ... with a satisfied mind (NC) D A E A D(add9) A When my life is o...ver ...and my time has run out A E E7 D(add9) A My friends and my lovers... ...I'll leave there's no doubt A D A E A D(add9) A But one thing's for certain... ...when it comes my time A E E7 D A A A A I'll leave this old world... with a satisfied mind A E7 D(add9) A one thing's for cer...tain... ...when it comes my time E D D(add9) A D(add9) A I'll leave this ol' world. ooh. with a satisfied mind satisfied mind.
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