Jeff Deyo - Jesus I Surrender chords version 1

A2 C#m7 Here at your feet I'll always be
D2 with the angels crying holy
A2 C#m7 There's not one thing that means as much to me
D2 D that means as much to me as you my God
D2 D As you my king
Pre Chorus 1
E F#m7 Here in the Darkness I lift my eyes to you
E D2 Your light comes shining through
A E Jesus I surrender
F#m Dmaj7I draw nearer I fall down
A EMaster be my Savior
F#m Dmaj7Be my shelter be my God (To verse/Chorus)
A C#m7 D2Be my God Be my God (To ending)
*The same chords repeat through the second verse and the second pre-chorus
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