Jeff Hanson - Hiding Behind The Moon tab

Easy guys, this being my first EVER tab please dont come down on it too hard. no-one 
can be arsed to write one for this song so i painfully found it out myself. it might not be 
accurate but feel free to comment.



     Am7    Em       F                Am7    Em        F

Well if I were you I'd be wiser To the sounds that make you up And if only time was longer I'd be gone And if what you say is the answer And for all you know it's true Maybe I sleep too long Or sometimes speak too soon And remember the sun don't shine And remember the sky's not blue And if only I was you I'd be right along here hiding behind the moon Well I should have known you'd be leaving Just as soon as you got here And in time I'll fall around you And disappear And the thought of a day left to wander In a time with eyes on me Maybe I say too much But with that we'll disagree
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