Jeff Healey – How Long Can A Man Be Strong tab

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From: (Juergen Lisenfeld)
Subject: TAB: Jeff Healey : How Long..

2 Days before I found this board and I really find the idea fantastic.
To help to keep this board alive (it will live, i'm sure) i tabbed
an nice and easy song by Jeff Healey, 'How long can a man be strong'.
Found on 'hell to pay'.

Slowly. Clean E-tone. (84 BPS)


   D  let ring  H    F#m                 G

e|-0h2-0---0h2-----|-----------0-------|-----5---7\5------7\5-----0------|a|---3---3---3---3-|-2h3 3/5-5\3-2---2-|-----3---5\3---3--5\3---3-3h5-3--|g|---2-------2-----|-2h4-4/6-6\4-2---2-|---0---0-----0-2------0-2--------|D|---0-------0-----|-4-------------4---|-----5--------------------------2|A|-----------------|---------------0---|--------------------------------0|E|-----------------|-4-----------------|-3------------------------------0|
D A 1st Verse F#m7 De|0h2-0---------| e|--2----2-------0-----|--0-------0---------|a|--3---3-2-2h3-| a|--3----3---------3---|--2-------2---------|g|--2-----2-----| g|--2------------------|--2-------2---------|D|--0-----2-----| D|--0------------------|--------------------|A|--------0-----| A|---------------------|-----------------0--|E|--------------| E|---------------------|--2----2------------| I've been a restless, for a long, long time
G D A n.c. D
e|-----------3---------|--2-0----------------|--2-------2------0-----|a|--0--------3---------|--3----2--2----------|--3-------3--------3---|g|--0--------0---------|--2-------2----------|--2-------2------------|D|--0--------------(0)-|--0-------2--------0-|--0-------0------------|A|--2------------------|----------0----0h2---|-----------------------|E|--3---3--------------|---------------------|-----------------------| Try'n' to find a home heart of mine. Nights are lone-ly for this
e|--0(0)----0----------|-----------3--------|---------1-----------|a|--2-------2---2h3----|-----------3--------|--3------------------|g|--2-------2---2h4----|----0------0--------|--3--3---------3-----|D|---------------------|--0-----------------|--3------------3-----|A|---------------------|--------------------|--1------------1-----|E|--2----2-------------|--3--------------(3)|---------------------| and the days are long. It's hard to find a to carry on. reason
continue in slashes: Em Bm7 F#m7 Bm7 Em F#m7 But all this searchin', is it ever gonna end ? Must I keep on losin' G A D (like intro) G A again and again ? Tell me, how long can a man be strong ? D G Bm7 A G D How long must he car--ry on without the love of a woman to Bm7 F#m7 G D E F# G D A B D B A call his own ? Tell me, how long can a man be strong ? 2nd verse see 1st. Lyrics see CD.
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