Jeff Johnson - Beauty Of The Cross chords version 2

Song:		Beauty Of The Cross (Amazing Grace)
Artist:		Jeff Johnson
Album:		Amazed EP
Written By:	Jeff Johnson, Wes Martin, & Jason Dering
Copyright:	2008 Sola Scriptura Songs
Tabbed By:	Me
Standard tuning

This is the little riff thing repeated every now and then. listen for timinge|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2\4\9~---2\4\13~----2\4\9~--4~--------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| x2
Intro: B / / / | Bmaj7 / / / | B / / / | B / / / | (repeat) Verse 1:
B At the cross I find the beauty of Your matchless grace
G#m At the cross I see a king who died to take my place
E BIt's the moment that You made me clean and pardoned my soul
B Amazing grace that I would be allowed into Your throne
G#m Not by my own will but solely by Your will alone
E F# I am unworthy of this love You have shown to me.
N.C. B I see my desperate need
B x The beauty of the cross is that there is One who has redeemed my soul
G#m The beauty of the cross is that I'm finally free and letting go
E B /// | Bmaj7 /// |The beauty of the cross is that Your grace has found me just as I am
Verse 2:
B Not by my own works that I may boast or I could come
G#m But simply through Your son the sinless and exalted One
E B /// | Bmaj7 /// | Only through the cross am I made clean to draw near to You
B x Saved so that you would receive all glory due Your name
G#m x Everlasting God for age to age You never change
E F# A true love story remains for all eternity
B That all the world would see
(CHORUS) Bridge:
E G#m My sinful soul could only be
E G#m Redeemed by the blood of a sinless king
E So you came to the world that you have made
G#m E F# Conquered sin on the cross and you rose from the grave
(CHORUS X 2) Ending: Just as I am Beauty of the cross ============================================================================
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