Jefferson Airplane – Dcba - 25 tab

			     D.C.B.A - 25 - Jefferson Airplane 
Tabbed by: Autumn (happypilot100)

Tuning: Standard

Intro (Bass):

G|7-6-4-2-0--------------| |----------------------------|D|----------4-0----------| |12-11-9---------------------|A|--------------4-2-0---0| or |--------12-10-9-------------|E|--------------------3--| |----------------10-9-7-5-3-5|
Verse 1 (Guitar): D C It's time you walked way, set me free D C I must move away, leave you be Chorus 1: B A B Time's been good to us, my friend (B) A B Wait and see how it will end (B) A D We come and go, as we please (D) C We come and go as we please That's how it must be Verse 2 D C Here in crystal chandelier, I'm home D C Too many days, I've left unstoned Chorus 2 B A B If you don't mind happiness (B) A B Purple-pleasure fields in the Sun (B) A D Ah, don't you know I'm runnin' home? (D) C Don't you know I'm runnin' home? To a place to you unknown Guitar Solo -1:17 to 1:31 D C -1:32 to 1:42 B A -1:43 to 1:50 D C Verse 3 D C I take great ease, in your sitting there D C Searching for myself, I find a place there Chorus 2 B A B I see the people of the world (B) A B Where they are and what they could be (B) A D I can but dance behind your smile (D) C D~ I can but dance behind your smile You were the world to me for a while 2:29- D~
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