Jefferson Airplane – The Other Side Of This Life tab

This song has no other tabs on the internet so I took to transcribing it myself. This
is a cover of a Fred Neil classic, featured on BLESS ITS POINTED LITTLE HEAD (1968) LIVE
THE FILLMORE (2003 release) WOODSTOCK (2009 release) and GIMME SHELTER (1970). This tab 
accurately matches the version performed on GIMME SHELTER. The band's many versions of
song are all very different, but with the same structure and chords.

D- x57775G- 355433C- x35553
Intro part one:Gtr. Ie|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|D|-----------------1-2----------|A|--44---2-1---1-2--------------|E|-----0-----0------------------| x2
Intro part two:Gtr. Ie|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|D|-----------------1-2----------|A|--44---2-1---1-2--------------|E|-----0-----0------------------| x2 with below
| Gtr II De|--55~-------------------------|B|--77~-------------------------|G|--77~-------------------------|D|--77~-------------------------|A|--55~-------------------------|E|--xx--------------------------|
| Gtr. III De|---5…B|---7…G|---7…D|---7…A|---5…E|---x… (Palm Mute and pick up and down quickly over and over)
v ^ ^ v v ^ ^ ve|------------X----X---X---5~~~---------X----X---X-----5~~~--|B|------------X----X---X---7~~~---------X----X---X-----7~~~--|G|------------X----X---X---7~~~---------X----X---X-----7~~~--|D|------------X----X---X---7~~~---------X----X---X-----7~~~--|A|------------X----X---X---5~~~---------X----X---X-----5~~~--|E|------------X----X---X---X~~~---------X----X---X-----X~~~--|1 Would you like to know a secret just between you and me2 Well my whole world’s in an uproar my whole world’s upside down3 Well I dunno what I'm doin half the time I dunno where I'll go4 Well I think I'll go down to Nashville down in Tennessee
v ^ ^ v v ^ ^ ve|-----X----X-----X------5~~~--------------X----X----X---5~~~--|B|-----X----X-----X------7~~~--------------X----X----X---7~~~--|G|-----X----X-----X------7~~~--------------X----X----X---7~~~--|D|-----X----X-----X------7~~~--------------X----X----X---7~~~--|A|-----X----X-----X------5~~~--------------X----X----X---5~~~--|E|-----X----X-----X------X~~~--------------X----X----X---X~~~--|1 I don’t know where I'm goin next I dunno who I'm gonna be2 I dunno where I'm goin next but I'm always bumming around3 I think ill get me a sailing boat and go for Mexico4 This ten cent life I’ve been leadin is gonna be the death of me
Chorus: G C D D But that's the other side of this life I've been leading G C D But that's the other side of this life
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