Jefferson Airplane – Starship chords

Cm BbWhat you gonna do when you feel your lady rollin'
Cm BbHow you gonna feel when you see your lady strollin'
Cm BbOn the deck of the starship
Cm BbWith her head hooked into Andromeda
Cm BbC'mon Hijack
Cm BbGotta get back and ahead to the things that matter
Cm BbAmerika hates her crazies
Cm BbAnd you gotta let go you know
Cm Bbgotta let go you know
Cm Bbgotta let go you know
Cm Bbgotta let go you know or else you stay
Eb Spillin' out of the steel glass
Gm F gravity gone from the cage
Eba million pounds gone from your heavy mass
Gm Fall the years gone from your age
Cm BbHydroponic gardens and skyscrapers
Cm BbGlistening with lakes in the Jupiter skyline
Cm BbRoom for babies and Byzantine dancing astronauts of renown
Cm BbThe magician and the pantechnicon
Cm BbTake along the farmer and the physician
Cm BbWe gotta get out and down
Cm BbBack into the future
Cm BbBeyond our own time again
Cm BbReachin' for tomorrow
Cm BbIt's so fine Starshine
Eb Gm Fthe melting acid fever streakin' thru my mind
Eb Gm Fmakes it ah so difficult to see you
Eb Gm Fand ah so easy to touch you
Eb Fi melt with you
Eb Ffeel with you
Eb Fmake love for you
Eb at you
Ebaround you
Fi love you
Cm BbDear Brumus, the ship'll be ours and you got to roll with it
Cm BbAnd tho' your master's head's blown off you got to go with it
Cm BbRoll with the natural flow
Cm BbLike water off a spinning ball
Cm BbOut - the one remaining way to go
Cm BbFree - the only way to fall
Cm BbThe light in the night is the sun
Cm BbAnd it can carry you around the planetary ground
Cm BbAnd the planetary whip of the sun
Cm BbWill carry you well past Gideon
Cm BbAnd the people you see will leave you be
Cm Bbmore than the ones you've known before
Cm BbHey - rollin' on
Cm BbWe come and go like a comet
Cm BbWe are wanderers
Cm BbAre you anymore?
Cm BbThe land is green and you make it grow
Cm BbAnd you gotta let go you know
Cm BbYou gotta let go you know
Cm BbYou gotta let go you know
Cm BbOr else you stay
Cm Eb Bb Bb mankind gone from the cage
Cm Eb Bb Bb all the years gone from your age
Cm BbAt first I was iridescent
Cm BbThen I became transparent
Cm BbFinally I was absent
Cm x35543 Bb x13321 Eb x68876 Gm x10-12-12-11-10 F x8-10-10-9-8 Solo in Bb/A# Minor Pentatonic
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