Jeffrey Foucault – Ghost Repeater chords

Capo II

(C)All of the drunks
Dressed (Fmaj7)up like (C)Santa Claus
Ring Salvation (G)Army (C)bellsBut the town square is quiet
The (Fmaj7)juke joints are (C)emptyEveryone’s buying
What (G)no one can (C)sell (C)(Fmaj7)(C)(G)(C) And the (Am)girl I (Fmaj7)loved once (C)Came to me last night In a dream with a secret to (G)tell She (C)whispered close
Can’t you (Fmaj7)hear the (C)ocean?As she leaned her ear
Against a (G)shotgun (C)shell CHORUS
(Fmaj7)Dark was the nightCold was the ground
I could (C)barely make out the (Fmaj7)song Of the (C)Ghost Repeaters Singing (Fmaj7)Halle(C)lujah His truth is (G)marching (C)on (C)(Fmaj7)(C)(G)(C) (C)Willie Mae’s crying
At the (Fmaj7)toll booth to (C)heavenWith a bottle of gin
And a (G)gold-toothed (C)smileWhere the dreams pile up
All (Fmaj7)washed out and (C)brokenAs thick as the stars
On the (G)Miracle (C)Mile (C)(Fmaj7)(C)(G)(C) But the (Am)movie is (Fmaj7)over The (C)theater is empty The credits are starting to (G)roll And the (C)wages of sin
Don't ad(Fmaj7)just for in(C)flationIt’s a buyer’s market
When you (G)sell your (C)soul CHORUS (C)The plaza is dark
The (Fmaj7)picadors are (C)dreamingOf blood in the alleys
And (G)rust on the (C)vinesThey sandbag the bulls
And (Fmaj7)prop up the (C)matadorsIt’s a sweetheart contract
They’re (G)taking their (C)time (C)(Fmaj7)(C)(G)(C) And (Am)all the ghost (Fmaj7)prisoners
Who (C)aren't in the ghost prisonsDon’t weep at the sound
Of your (G)name They just (C)stare at the clouds
Of (Fmaj7)passenger (C)pigeonsWinging back home
To the (G)cities of the (C)plain CHORUS (C)The star up above
The 5th (Fmaj7)Avenue (C)Christmas treeIs shining tonight
Through the (G)cold and the (C)rainTo light all the faces
In the (Fmaj7)live na(C)tivityDown on the floor
Of the (G)stock ex(C)change
(Fmaj7)Dark is the nightCold is the ground
The (C)armies march out to de(Fmaj7)fend And the (C)Ghost Repeaters
Of the (Fmaj7)reve(C)latorsAre singing "Peace on Earth
And Good (G)Will to all (C)Men"
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