Jeffrey Foucault - City Flower tab

City Flower

Artist: Jeffrey Foucault

Album: Ghost Repeater


Standard Tuning, capo on 2nd Fret

Intro:  G    C/G     G    C/G      G      C/G      G        C/G

G          C/G
City flower
G                         C/G
Raised under street lights
G	     C/G
Hothouse rose
G		 C/G
Born in the shade
G            Em 
It could not hold you
C           G	  C/G         
The empire skyline
G	    Am		
Could never keep you
C		G    C/G
From turning to flame 

G	      C/G
I was restless
G                   C/G
Running from nothing
G                     C/G
I built my foundation
G                    C/G
On the shifting sands
G            Em
And I was a pauper
C		 G     C/G
At midnight and morning
G	Am	
Morning glory
    C                D 
You king me where I stand 

    C               D 
You find me in the shadows
        G     C/G      G
And the shade
C              D 
Show me how to bloom
  G       D/F#    Em
I promise I won’t fade
City flower
D                 G     C/G     G
Wrapped around my heart
Like a daisy chain
   D             G    C/G    G
No one can tear apart 

2nd Verse:
The barroom lights
Are fine and they’re golden
The city bells
Ring soft in the night
But to be in your arms
All twined up and tangled
That’s the only thing
Can make me feel alright 

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