Jeffrey Foucault - Mesa Arizona tab

Mesa, Arizona

Artist: Jeffrey Foucault

Album: Ghost Repeater


All C chords played with the pinky on the high E string, third fret.

C/B Chord:                    

e-----3--------|B-----1--------|G-----0--------|D-----0--------| A-----2--------|E-----X--------|
Intro: C Am F C C Am F All alone in a Mexican joint C In Mesa, Arizona Am With a mariachi band F On the jukebox C And an empty Corona Am And the sun gone down F In the pale thin pink Dm Thereís no one to talk to All I can think C Is your eyes are full of train smoke Am And your mouth tastes like rain F And I know when I know nothing Dm I will always know your name C C/B Youíre my one and only one F C Youíre my only one Out here working In the neon lights Where the temperature is falling Itís hotel coffee Red-eye flights and Honey Iím your midnight ringer calling And the snow comes down From this desert sky And I tell everybody something But itís usually good-bye But not you youíre my one Youíre my only one C Only one I want to talk to Am Only one I know to call F Only one whoís going to catch me Dm When my pride leads to a fall Bb Youíre the sky all full of starlings F C And an ax blade shining in the sun Bb Youíre the angel touched a coal F Against my lips C Youíre my only one Reel to reel The country rolls And the towns slide by Like ghost repeaters Of faded billboards & big-box stores Like a movie of an empty theater You look around and wonder When the seams are going to fail And how dear the cost of living Where everythingís for sale Except you youíre my one Youíre my only one And Iím all alone In a Mexican joint In Mesa, Arizona
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