Jeffrey Philip Nelson – Steady Joe chords

Steady Joe 
Written by Jeffrey Philip Nelson June 2011 ©

Verse One:
Gmaj7 EmHey mother look at me I’ve changed
Gmaj7 EmIm not the same silly boy weak and estranged
Am G DI grew up then so many years ago
Am G DJust give me ten I’m tryin’ to carry this load… I Sing
Gmaj7 EmHeeve hoe, pushing this train to roll again
Gmaj7 EmSteady Joe, your breakin’ your back trying to win
Am G DLook around and see the other clowns,
Am G DPace back down and try to remove your crown… I sing (2nd X Repeat)
Chorus outro:
Gmaj7 EmDo do do do do do do do do oh oh la la la
Gmaj7 EmDo do do do do do do do do oh oh
Verse Two:
Gmaj7 EmHey Father look at me I’m strange
Gmaj7 EmIm still the same silly boy, a little lame
Am G DI suffocate the air you’re breathing in
Am G DI try to be great, you know that I will never win
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