Jellyfish – New Mistake tab

Band : Jellyfish
Song : New Mistake

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C              Cmaj7
Curtain opens, spotlights the gentleman
Singing his love letter best wishes simpleton
Am     G                      F/A                G
Dialog swam from his pen like pollywogs

He knew it better that perfume was gravity
Pulling him closer to what could be tragedy
Love is blind, deaf, and dumb, but never mind.

Am         G               D
You better catch me when I fall
I'm on my roller skates
Am             Am/G#      G    D/F#
'Cause any old way that I fall
          F             G
I land in you arms even though I'm wrong
          Am            G
'Cause I love my new mistake.

Intermission gave way to a miracle
The birth of an accident grew to a spectacle
That couldn't wait the mother was three weeks late.

So Father Mason clutching his crucifix
Baptized the baby in whiskey and licorice
What a lovely way drowning sins in tooth decay

Looks like our hero's gonna fall
The bow's about to break
'Cause any old way that I fall
I'll be in your arms as we lie awake
'Cause I love my new mistake

Eb          Ebmaj7            Eb7
Ab          Bb             Cm           Bb/D (repeat)

You better catch me when I fall
My sugar trampoline
'Cause any ole way that I fall
I land in your arms even though it's wrong
'Cause I love my new mistake

The ending turned tragic when many years later
The baby had grown up and married a pop singer
I guess it was her turn to make her first mistake

Any ole time at all
Any ole way that I fall
I just lie awake with my new mistake
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