Jennette Mccurdy - So Close chords

So close-Jennette Mccurdy

This tab is quite accurate and the strum pattern in the verses are as such: C-chord playedx-mutexxCxxCxxxxCxxCxxCxxxxThere is only one chord played in the verses, the A chord. Verse:
AE--5--|B--5--|G--6--|D--7--|A--7--|E--5--|Chorus: D (mute chord)I can't help myself(Now my secret's out)[only sang in the second chorus]
AI can't help but smile
EEverytime I see your face
Bm And we've never met and
DI bet you don't know my name
AAm I outta my mind
EI think that I might be going crazy
Bm D'Cause my heart is yours to have and to hold or break
DHow'd you get to be so close when you're so far away
repeat verse repeat chorus Bridge:
BmI wish you were mine, all mine
DMine, all mine
BmI wish you were mine, all mine
DI wish you were mine
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