Jennette Mccurdy – Not That Far Away chords ver. 3

Left handed
Jennette Mccurdy
Not That Far Away
Not That Far Away EP
2010 Capitol Records
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This is 100% correct!!! I saw live videos of Jennette
These are the chords that she used for this song
Bo capo needed!!!! Capo are only for beginners!!!!
She's the next Taylor Swift!!! hahaha

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb -  x68886
Bb -  x13331
Cm -  x35543
G# -  466544
Gm -  355333
G#m - 466444

Intro: Eb-- x2

Verse 1:
EbThey're playing guitars with
stars their eyes on Broadway They're just paying their dues
G#and waiting for news on a big break
CmI wish you were here
GmCuz sometimes I get lonely
G#Guess I'm not the only
G#m(hold)new girl in town
G# Eb Bb Momma I promise I'll be alright
Cm G#I'll call to say I love you every night
F Eb BbI'm just tryin' to write the story my life
G# Eb Bb You know all about this dream I gotta chase
Cm G#I get a little closer everyday
F Eb BbCalifornia is not that far away
I'm not that far away Post Chorus: Eb-- x2 Verse 2:
EbThere's so many new faces and
beautiful places in this town I'm learning the ropes on this
G#crazy road I'm going down
CmI'm making my way
GmNo one said that it'd be easy
G#Trust me believe me
G#m(hold)I'm where I belong
(Repeat chorus) Bridge:
G# Cm We're miles apart
G#But you're in my heart
I keep you with me
Bb(hold)everywhere I go
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
Eb-- I'm not that far away
Eb(hold)I'm not that far away
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