Jennifer Knapp – Want For Nothing chords

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              WANT FOR NOTHING - Jennifer Knapp

Artist: Jennifer KnappSong: Want For NothingAlbum: Letting Go (2010)Transcribed by: Megan GandyE-mail:
Instructions: When Jennifer Knapp performs this song live, she seems to use a steady down-up-down-up strumming pattern when using her acoustic guitar to play the rhythm guitar part, which may sound different to the ear than the way that the rhythm guitar part is performed on her album "Letting Go". That difference is most likely due to her performing the rhythm guitar part on the album with an electric guitar and using more of a down-down-down- down strumming pattern throughout. Also, although I do not use the notated chord "C2/G" anywhere in the transcription below, Jennifer Knapp does use that chord in the variations she adds when performing the song live by herself. So, feel free to add it in as a transition chord when playing the "C/G" chord in the verses. Thanks, and enjoy!!
Key: BbCapo: 3
Chords (relative to the capo): C/G:332010 C2/G:330010 G:320033 G/F#:2X0033 D:XX0232 Em:022033 Am:X02210 INTRO: C/G, G/F# G G/F# G (repeat) VERSE 1
C/G G/F# G G/F# GLay down, have your dream,
C/G G/F# G G/F# GI'll work quietly
C/G G/F# G G/F# GPut all my labor to love
C/G And you'll wake up, You'll wake up
G/F# G G/F# Gfeeling enough, you will...
C/G DWant for nothing, know the truth
EmI will be here waiting for you
C/G(you) will want for nothing
Dyou will want for nothing
VERSE 2 Hold may seem A few small words can come between Why must we labor good or bad? Let's wake up, let's wake up Wrapped in the joy and the wonder that we have a... REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE
Am C/GGravity can offer - won't pull me down
Am You're no ball and chain you're a comfort
C/GI love the steady pull,
DI love the steady pull...
C/G G/F# G G/F# G(pull) the wings from me
C/G G/F# G G/F# GI've no need for these things
C/G G/F# G G/F# GWithout you where have I to fly?
C/GLet's lay down, let's lay down,
G/F# G G/F# GI have everything when you're beside
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