Jennifer Lopez – Jenny From The Block tab

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>J-Lo-jenny from the block<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

dont be fooled by the rocks that i got,

im still, im still jenny from the block,
                Dm                  Am
used to have a little now i have a lot,
                        F                 Am
no matter where i go i know where i came from.

Verse 1:
from the living colour movie scripts,

to on at six (i didnt get this line)

to J-lo to this headline clips,
Dm                                  Am              F              Am
i stay grounded as the amounts roll in im real i thought i told you,
             Dm                Am
im real and live on libra (?) thats just me,
nothing phoney dont they know me
Am                        Dm
what you get is what you see.

(i couldnt really pick up the words to this song but this is the main part of it :D)
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